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91 RS Camaro Ram Air 350


Ram Air Update
Lower Door Bushings
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Ram Air Upgrade

I have made some changes in the styling. Check out the details below.


I removed the ducting up top and replaced it with 3" black ABS pipe. I found it at Lowe's. Went to the salvage yard and got an air cleaner off of an 85ish caddy with the 4.8 (I think) V8. It will fit perfectly in the TBI without any modification. I however did have to modify it due to the Strut Tower Brace. I shaved off the lip and fabricated a plate from plexiglass. Once I had it in place I used Shoe Goo and glued the air cleaner to it and bolted everything into place and let it dry. Ince dry I took Black RTV and finished the seal around the edges.