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91 RS Camaro Ram Air 350


Ram Air Update
Lower Door Bushings
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Lower Door Bushings

Follow this picture by picture, step by step procedure to "easily" replace your lower door bushings.


These are the tools youll need.
Hammer (whats any job without this)
Different size Pry Bars
Razor knife
Phillips Head Screwdriver
Strong Wire
Small Wire Cutters (Dikes)
15mm Deep 3/8 drive socket & ratchet
13mm 1/4 drive socket & ratchet
Door Bushing kit
5/8 Poly toilet tubing (will explain later)
Block of 2X4 with notch cut tin it.
6" C clamp (vice will work too)
Jack, (floor or bottle) be careful with the floor jack.


This is the door pin kit. I got mine at Autozone for 4.99 per door.


This is the toilet tubing. You can get it at any hardware store pretty cheap. Get about 6 inches. Cut it in a spiral and set it aside. You will use this for the roller.


I used a piece of rolled up carpeting for padding on the jack.


Place the jack under the door and raise it just enough to take the weight off the door. BE CAREFUL NOT TO GO TOO HIGH. YOU WILL SCREW UP EITHER YOUR GROUND EFFECTS OR DOOR.


As you know this is the monster you will be working with.


Put a pry bar on the door side of the spring and pry it out. Watch your fingers and your eyes The spring may shoot out.


Once the pry bar under the lip of the pin, tap it under it with a hammer, and pry it upwards. It it slips out, try again, it will come out.



Once it's up high enough, put the pry bar under the point of the pin and tap it upwards untill you can pull it out. It may take some adjusting the jack to get it in the right position.


Remove the 2 screws (Camaro, not sure about Bird) holding the kick panel in and take the panel out of the way.


Remove the 2 bolts holding the inner bracket in 15mm. Also remove the guide bolt from the outside 13mm.


Once youve taken the bolts out, raise the door CAREFULLY until you can pull the inner hinge out.


Tap out the old bushings.


Once youve finished that, take the roller off of its pin. Remove the old plastic bushing material and toss it. Grab that piece of spiral cut toilet tubing and cut it to size. Grease the hell out of it and pit it, and the roller back in place. Dont worry it wont come off, the spring bar will hold it on once its all back in.


This is the completed assembly. Go ahead and put this back in the car and put the bolts in. Dont tighten it down yet. Put the pin in place and tap it in place with the hammer.


Now it's time for the C clamp, wire, and block of wood.


Place the wire through the springs at 180 degrees from each other. and bend them in place.


Place one end of the spring and put it on the block of wood with the wires resting in the notches. (you use this to pull the slack out of the wire). Place this whole thing in the C clamp and compress it all.


Once complete, pull the extra wire out and twist it tightly to hold it in place.


Loosen the clamp SLOWLY and take the spring back to your car. Put it back where it came from.


Once that's done, either clip or untwist the wire slowly untill its sompletely loose and back in place. This may take a couple of shots but its worth it. The frustration of trying to pry it back in ( I tried that on the 1st one) isnt worth it. This took a fraction of the time. Pull the wire out of the spring and your finished. Just check the alignment as it may need a little tweaking and tighten everything down. Put the kick panel back on and enjoy a sag free, tight door.

Good luck.