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91 RS Camaro Ram Air 350

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I finally finished my ram air setup on my car. It is a hybrid of TBI and TPI ram air posted in the tech articles. I changed out the upper air dam to the TPI one and followed the directions for making that part of the ram air. I used 7" rigid flexible aluminum ducting to go from the 2 scoops in the front to the opening of the tpi snorkel. I finished off the inside with that aluminum tape to smoothe it out and make it stronger. from there I bought a 6" air cleaner (toss out the filter it comes with), 7" Metal duct, 3" metal duct, and 3" rigid flexible duct. (not dryer hose)

I cut a 3 1/2 strip out of the 7" piece and riveted it to fit inside the lip of the air cleaner.
I used a 3" hole saw to cut the opening for the 3" metal duct.

I then took the 3 " metal duct and cut it to about 6" long, stuck it through the hole and cut flaps to fold it in place. I riveted it in place there.

After that I had to cut the riser off of the bottom of the air cleaner. If you dont it will be too tall. Take it and put it over the stock air cleaner spacer ring and RTV the hell out of it. This serves 2 purposes. 1, it helps keep it in place, and 2, it keeps the massive amount of air coming into the newly confined changer from blowing gas from the injectors all over the place.

Once the bottom is dry your ready to do the finishing touches.

(Before you RTV the rest make sure it all fits good and make the nessecary adjustments. )

First put the air cleaner base on, Then run a bead of RTV around the inside of the filter lip. (this can be done outside the car but be sure to align the spacer ring first).

Place the metal ring you made inside this lip with the 3" tube facing the front ot the car.

Run a bead of RTV around the inside lip of the top of the air cleaner and put it on.

Once this is done put in the TBI and screw it down.

At this point you want to take the flexible aluminum ducting and run it from the back of the TPI to the tube on the front on the new air cleaner.

Make sure you secure the tubing, I used duct tape and covered it with the aluminum tape for appearance, and put TPI filters into the intake.

Your ready, let the RTV dry for an hour and adjust you fuel pressure regulator for more air. Have a nice ride.

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